Genetic Analysis

RT-PCR and classic PCR platform

Real-Time PCR platform

Sequence Analysis

Flow cytometry

Cell Sorting

Cell Surface Markers Analysis

Apoptosis Analysis (Annexin V, JC-1, TUNNEL)

Cell Cycle Analysis


siRNA (gene silencing)

miRNA (miRNA overexpression, inhibition)


Gene overexpression

Immunological Analysis

Evaluation of immune responses by ELISA: Determination of markers in blood, serum, plasma or culture supernatants

ELISA Titration

Analysis of cell subpopulations by flow cytometry

Protein analysis with Western blot Immunoprecipitation (IP) analysis

AInvestigation of the biological activity of the antibody: ADCC (antibody dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity), CDC (Complement dependent cytotoxicity)

Exosomal RNA Analysis

Exosome isolation and characterization from cells and biological fluids

Non-Coding RNA (miRNA, lncRNA, piwiRNA) Analysis

Luciferase Reporter Assay

DNA Damage Analysis

Comet Assay Analysis

Signal Path Analysis

Gene expression profiling